Posted on Feb 5, 2022
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"You’ve stumbled on my user manual!"

I’m a father, software engineer, and veteran. The first one is most important—I love those little kiddos! But also, if you ever hop on a call with me and hear utter chaos in the background, just know that I am barely holding it together.

While I enjoy working on security and reliability, I’m an avowed software generalist that loves parachuting into and learning about new domains. I’ve accepted it and just lean into it at this point; I am an obsessively curious person and I enjoy learning how to do new things. This site is basically a loose collection of the things I learn and manage to write down.

I also really value the agility and innovation of startups, and I’ve had the privilege of working at and with some pretty amazing ones. I don’t get much time for personal hobbies, but when I do, I like to lift weights and hack on my homelab. Don’t ask me why my power bill is larger than my bench press, unless you want to activate my trap card.

Some other documents that show “how I tick” are my leadership philosophy and reading list. I try to keep those (and this page) up to date, but they typically lag by a few months. I’m always up for a friendly nudge to update them! Speaking of which…


Want to reach out? The best way to get to me is what your favorite rock band of all time is and why it’s Guns N’ Roses.

If you think I can help you make or break code, book a session on Codementor!

Note: recruiters, please read my standard letter first.