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PHP web application exploit infosec gt

Used the Metasploit framework to probe and exploit shell execution in a test PHP web application. My first successful “hack”!

Click-jacking and browser security exploration infosec gt

Implemented a click-jacking exploit of a test GT website, and implemented frame-busting safeguards in a Chrome extension to stop the exploit.

Malware forensic analysis infosec gt

Conducted forensic identification, decompilation, and analysis of two malware packages deployed in Windows and Android environments.

Polymorphic blending attack infosec gt

Implemented a polymorphic blend attack exploit to defeat a payload-based intrusion detection system (PAYL).

TCP Fast Open infosec gt

Reproduced and analyzed TCP Fast Open (TFO) on production web servers, including Hacker News, Reddit, and

Reproducing Raicu 2012 infosec gt

Reproduced and analyzed Multipath TCP (MPTCP) and experimental results from How Hard Can it Be? Designing and Implementing a Deployable Multipath TCP (Raicu 2012) on a virtualized network.

Buffer bloat and congestion control infosec gt

Conducted a comparative analysis on TCP CUBIC and TCP Reno for congestion control and buffer bloat in virtualized networks.

BGP prefix hijack infosec gt

Configured a virtualized Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) topology, conducted a prefix hijack, and created security protocols to detect and prevent them.