Project Artemis

28 Dec 2017

The Utah Newborn Screening Program collects a variety of demographic data from the screening specimen that is sent in for a newborn. Often the data collected is missing or inaccurate. In order to complete the data and/or ensure accuracy, the Utah Newborn Screening Program compares this data against the Utah Office of Vital Records and Statistics data from birth and death certificates. The current process is antiquated and would benefit from the usage of a newer technology like FHIR.

This application provides an FHIR interface to compare the data between the Utah Newborn Screening Program and the Utah Office of Vital Records and Statistics. It employs a hierarchical record linkage algorithm that scans through large and sparse datasets, matches them according to heuristics, and enumerates the discrepancies. It was built with Rails (Ruby) and PostgreSQL.

I was the team lead for the project, managed all the design sprints and deliverables, and wrote the majority of the code. The final project was delivered to CDC Utah with tremendous results; the staff is excited to see improved productivity and accuracy, utlimately leading to better care for the patients and families.

The demo and final presentation is available on YouTube.

The source code is available at


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