Posted on Jan 1, 2022
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"Hi! I’m Allan. I build and break software."

I am a software engineer with a penchant for security, reliability, and distributed systems. You can learn more about me from my leadership philosophy or reading list.


An Internet Security Company (2022-present). for details.

Advisor/Investor (2019-present). for requests.

Robinhood (2018-2022)

  • Staff Software Security Engineer, Red Team. Hacking and breaking things to make them more secure against attackers and fraudsters.
  • Staff Software Security Engineer, Authentication Platform. Built and maintained authentication at scale for millions of users.
  • Software Engineering Manager, Security. Supported the Application Security, Infrastructure Security, and Secure Foundations teams.
  • Staff Software Engineer, Payments. Built highly available systems that powered money movements.
  • Senior Software Engineer, Backend Scaling. Made distributed systems run fast and scale to millions of users.

Udacity (2015-2018)

  • Software Engineering Manager, Careers. Built web applications that helped students and graduates connect with employers and get hired.
  • Senior Software Engineer, Marketing and Growth. Full-stack engineer and manager hybrid role. Built the first microservice that powered the company’s main website.

Self-employed (2014-2015)

  • Engineering Consultant. Freelance consultant for robotics and biomechanics in the tri-state area.

Compass Automation (2012-2013). Acquired by Tesla.

  • Lead Mechanical Engineer. Department lead. Built a bunch of awesome industrial manufacturing robots.

United States Army (2007-2012)

  • Captain, Infantry. Combat arms leader. Led paratroopers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also: honed the ability to lug heavy things up and down mountains. For the vets who also speak acronym: 82d ABN, OIF 2008, OEF 2011, EIB, CIB, Ranger Tab.



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